The Teen Summit will be held at Kanuga Conference and Retreat Center in Hendersonville, NC. Teen leaders will have the opportunity to connect with their peers across the WNC region to learn more about prevention and take their advocacy to the next level by creating action plans to bring back to their communities.


Sleeping Set-Up

(for those invited to stay overnight)

  • "Historic Cottages"

  • 3 to 6 bedrooms with each bedroom having 2 beds

  • 2 adults in cottages with the young people

    Nights Staying

  • Please inquire with your Youth Coordinator for your county if you are staying overnight


    • Included and will be served buffet style.

    • There is a wide variety of food and guest services will be working with us on any needs we might have.

    Conference Location

    • Gooch Building: majority of activities

    • Firepit: Friday night for our trainees.

    • Gym: Our evening social event on Saturday.